What To Do With All This Snow?

This morning, I dreaded waking up. I know I am alone and would have to shovel snow. I live with chronic knee pain and had double knee surgery and have knees that constantly give out. Today alone they gave out on me twice which only doubled my anxiety of the snow that needed to be... Continue Reading →

Find a Guy

To be loved and to love is the most beautiful and yet, painful experience. It is hard to find a solid relationship and true love - that absolute and holistic kind of love.Find a guy who fights for you and your love. Who is willing to accept all the challenges that come in a relationship.... Continue Reading →

Psychology of Revenge

I have been reflecting a lot on the psychology of revenge and why people are unable to forgive and move forward. So many of us had fantasized about revenge as I recall in high school, it was quite the norm. The idea of revenge on someone who has wronged or hurt us deliberately or not,... Continue Reading →

Gym Appreciation

I have always enjoyed working out when I did in my past. I have been on and off for years. Before having my twins I truly enjoyed working out! I was younger and had less commitments. It was easier to do therefore making it enjoyable. I worked out mostly for two reasons: I had more... Continue Reading →

Aging Well

I am not opposed to aging. I am just an advocate of aging well and healthy. I am certainly not anxious about growing old, but like that I am satisfied with my life and have acknowledged that I am blessed. One thing I like with age comes experience and maturity. I know I am wiser... Continue Reading →

Looking For A Healthier Frap❓

The root of a Chicory plant when roasted has a similar flavour to coffee. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps with constipation, gut health (so important) and protects the liver. Some studies even suggest it may prevent the onset of diabetes. This is one super power packed Frap you can’t get anywhere other than... Continue Reading →

Dad You Spoiled Me

You spoiled me when I was small, From pretty dresses and lots of love You had silly nicknames for us all, You stole our food and loved to embarrass us when you could. You had so many jokes and will never forget the claw, I will always remember. You would sing to me and play... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Nominated!

I am so happy and excited to be nominated for the Liebster Award. I first want to thank the awesome and beautiful "Playing Superwoman" also known as "With Love From P" for this nomination. I started this blogging journey not too long ago to help me deal with anxiety as I was unable to work... Continue Reading →

Shaving Struggles

Unless you are blessed with no hair, you are familiar with the shaving struggle. You may be like me and spent too much money on the newest shaver just because it now has five blades opposed to four. With each new purchase you are hoping this razor will be the one! Not to mention the countless hours... Continue Reading →

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